How to save WhatsApp status


How to save WhatsApp status

Hello Friends, in this post we will tell you the exact and simplest way of How to save WhatsApp status. We all love updating our status on daily basis. Whether it’s  WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube.

Videos for all these platforms are the same under different names, for WhatsApp it’s Status, For Facebook, it’s shorts/reel (Facebook owns Instagram,) For Instagram it’s reel And on Youtube, it’s Youtube Shorts. However, Youtube shorts and Instagram reels are different in nature than Whatsapp Statuses.

Mobile image, showing the process of how to save WhatsApp Status.


Best WhatsApp video status Download

How to Save WhatsApp Status Video


WhatsApp doesn’t offer the facility of saving others’ statuses. Still, people can take screenshots of the image Status but when it comes to video WhatsApp status it becomes difficult to save it.

On top of that statuses disappear after 24 hours (You can also manually delete them before 24 hours). There are various third-party apps (Only for Android, not for iOS) that can make your work easier.

There are countless applications like MX player, Status Saver that is used widely for status saving purposes.

Remember, you can always use screenshots to save image status. So, in this post, we will talk only about How to save the video status of WhatsApp.


How to save WhatsApp status in vivo phone


You can use below mentioned methods to save/download WhatsApp statuses on any Android device. All the steps are described below just follow them properly. It is the easiest and the simplest way to save WhatsApp status in Vivo phone.

To save WhatsApp status in VIVO phone, Mi Phone, Realme just follow the below methods.


WhatsApp-status-showing-a hand-holding-mobile-(
Mobile image, showing how to save status in Gallery

How to save WhatsApp status in Realme phone


Since Realme mobiles are also running on the Android platform you save status by using MX player. You can also use File Manager to save video/ image statuses.

All the steps are described below just follow them properly. It is the easiest and the simplest way to save Whatsapp status on realme phone.

How to save WhatsApp status in oppo phone


Oppo phones are quite popular these days. Many people use the oppo phone. Now, when it comes to saving WhatsApp status in oppo phone. the process is not very different from other Android-based devices.

Since Oppo phones are also based on the Android Operating system, just follow the following methods properly. It is the easiest and the simplest way to save WhatsApp status on the oppo phone.


How to save WhatsApp status in MX Player


The most popular form of saving Whatsapp status is MX player, reason, it is simple and user friendly. just follow these 4 simple steps.

  1. Open Your WhatsApp and watch the video status of the desired contact
  2. Now, open MX player and click on the menu (Top left corner)
  3. Now click on the option “Whatsapp status saver” (5th option from the top)
  4. it will show you all the video status you have just viewed, just click on the download arrow button on the video.


Congratulations! you have just downloaded that awesome status video of your friends’ contact.


How to Share the saved status from MX Player

  1. Open MX player and click on the menu (Top left corner)
  2. Now click on the option “Whatsapp status saver” (5th option from the top)
  3. Now, You should find 2 options “Recent” & “Saved” click on “Saved”
  4. You will see all the downloaded videos with a “Share” arrow on them click on it and share the desired video.
How-to-share-whatsapp-status-in-MX Player-(
Image, Showing how to share status in MX Player

List of All Android Apps to save Whatsapp status

Just click on the Apps name to download it from the google play store (Top 11 best WhatsApp Status saver Apps)

  1. Saver for Whatsapp Status, 6.9 MB (Developer- Magic mobile studio)
  2. Status saver for WhatsApp, 6.6 MB (Developer- iFront Technologies)
  3. Status, Sticker saver, 4.8 MB (Developer- Lazy Geniouz Pvt Ltd)

  4. Status saver, 4.0 MB (Developer- Shree Ganesha Labs)
  5. Status saver, 7.8 MB (Developer- Photo collage & Grid maker)
  6. Status saver for WhatsApp, 4.5 MB (Developer- Secure Statuses)
  7. Download status from Whatsapp, 4.7 MB (Developer- Social Media Apps Studio)
  8. Status Saver for Whatsapp, 5.2 MB (Developer- Global Apps inc)
  9. Status Saver, 1.9 MB (Developer- Worldclass)

  10. Status saver for Whatsapp, 1.9 MB (Developer- Odass)
  11. MX Player, 32 MB (MX Media)
  12. Download best free status and share 




How to save WhatsApp status without app

Don’t want to use a third-party app for saving WhatsApp status? worry not. we have a solution to that also.

You can save status in the file manager.

We all have a menu named “file manager” on our Android device from here we can save the video and image status of our WhatsApp contacts.  Just follow these simple steps

  1. Open Your WhatsApp and watch the video/Image status of the desired contact
  2. Open “File Manager” then on the home screen you will find the “Whatsapp” icon tap on it
  3. On the top, the very first option (A download arrow) is for saving Whatsapp status tap on it
  4. A list of all viewed image/video statuses will be available there with a download arrow on it tap to save it.

In the File Manager, you can also directly view the status without saving it but that’s not possible in MX player.

After saving image/video statuses in file manager tap on “Downloads” located on the right. And view all the saved statuses over there just select it and share it easily.


How to save WhatsApp status in iPhone

As we all know iPhone is mainly known for its security and protective nature. Due to this security concern saving someones’ Video/Image status is not possible in iPhone.

If any video or written post says they can show you the way to save WhatsApp videos on your iPhone trust me they are lying. This thing isn’t possible without jailbreak. And I believe just to save status you won’t jailbreak your expensive iPhone which may harm your iPhone.

So, the only but incomplete way to save status on your iOS device is the native screen recording feature. The screen recorder can be accessed from the Control center.

Follow these steps, Settings > Control center > Customise Center, and then add the option Screen Recorder.




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